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Howdy Guys, How are you all? I hope you all are fine. I’m sure you are here for the search term of Farsi1hd. If yes, then You are at right place. Like today, we are going to share the Live Videos of Farsi 1HD which is a Persian live Tv. It is also known as Farsi1 Hd, Farsi1hq, Farsi1hd, Farsi 1Hd and much more names.

If you don’t know about Farsi1hd, then let me tell you about this. Farsi1 Hd is an Online Tv Portal which is specially made for Farsi Serials. Here, You can watch Tv Series in the Persian language for free. The quality of the Tv series, they provide is just amazing. I’m using this online Portal for many years, and It has pleased me more than anything.

The most interesting part of this Tv series is that You can watch any series for Free. Yes, you are hearing right. We’re not here to take any charge from you. You will be getting all the various series for free.

Moving forward to next thread, let me clear some points to you. First of all, you should have patience to watch the read the post carefully to get the recipe.

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Farsi1Hd Tv Series:

Well, We will divide each set in a Part so that You can watch or download any film easily.  We will provide download link along with the Online link. This is because if Your Internet connection lags somewhere, You can download your favorite Series and watch it anytime. Is not it Interesting?

Ummm, There are many Tv series in the Persian Language on Farsi 1,


First, I am writing about some Farsi1 Series which can be watched online. I am also going to provide you the Farsi1 online link from where You can watch the Tv show comfortably.

Well, I have introduced a lot about Farsi1HD I think, But now, Let’s start out with some interesting movies & serials.

Ever heard about Faris1hd Guzel? The famous love story series of Farsi1? I’m sure you are.

If not, then lemme give a short story about it.

farsi1 guzel

This serial is made with the love story of 2 People. You can see the characters in the picture I just added above.

There are four more characters in the story. You can see them in the picture. 😛 I hope, You are smart enough to know the characters if You are a True fan or watch this serial.

The story is all about Gülseren, Cihan, and Jahan.  

Jahan, who was a 14-year-old boy, has lost almost his family. He was adopted by an Institute of Orphans.

After few years, as he grew up, he Met Gulseren. They both were studying in the same college. They became friends first, But after a Few days, the friendship got better and gradually, It turned over into a Relationship.

Jahan & Gulseren married, and after a few years, they blessed with two children. He is a good father and a Badass businessman, but unfortunately, he was one of the most unhappy people down to the earth.

A day, which was a disaster in his life all I can say, turned his happy family into a sad one, With Back to Back 2 Accidents, first was happened with him and the second one was a disaster for him and his children, Gülseren met with death in the crash. All We can say that the love that has to be given to the two sons was too less. She died at such a young age.

Jahan, Who is now living with his children, taking care and doing Serious Business. We can feel the pain of Jahan, he felt and currently feeling the loss of her most beloved woman down to Earth, Gulseren.

It’s too hard to forget the woman whom you beloved the most. Whatever, Life is what where it takes.

Well, I’m telling this story so much as This Tv series in Farsi1hd and had been already watched by the Millions of people over the internet or the world. This is one of the best Story I’ve ever seen in my life.

So here is one of the great Serial, I’ve shared with the story and details. Below, I am going to provide some working links of this Serial from where you can watch and download.  I’ll also be sharing some important and best videos from the serial, my team and I picked from over the internet.

kara sevda

Farsi1hd Live Tv Streaming Link:

There is another Wonderful Farsi1Hd Tv series, which is taking craze over the Parsi world and getting famous day by day. Well, it’s no other than Shoja va Ziba – Cesur ve Guzel. I’m pretty much sure that You’ve heard the name of this top serial for the Parsi world. It is named in English as Shoja va Ziba and in Parsi or Turkish, It is called Cesur ve Guzel.

This new Turkish drama which is called for Brave and Beautiful had been already launched and has many episodes till now. Talking about the serial on how it get started and all, First, This New Turkish Drama has been Broadcasted by one of the Popular Channel Star Tv from October 2016.

The shooting began in Lux villa in Polenezkoy, Istanbul.  It was also said by the Directors of this Drama that Shooting had also been done in the great glamorous villa of Belma Simavi. I’m sure; You were aware of the both two names I’ve just written above.

It was claimed that Bilma Sivami had open her doors for her excellent and solely brave team. For this Turkish drama, Tuba Buyukustun took horse riding lesson for the works in this Drama. Beautiful actress photo which had been taken in riding farm had been shared with the fans. If you haven’t see the Images yet, then I must say, You have missed something. All I can say is Google about her and see the beauty of the actress of this serial.

I’m attaching one of her Images below with the male character. Here is the first photo from Brave and Beautiful (Cesur ve Guzel).


It’s a similar serial like Gurselen & Jihan. I have written all about the story above.  So here is the end of this impressive Farsi1hq Web Tv Series.


Now we are going to share another amusing story of Farsi1Hd Tv series.

The name of this serial is Feriha – Adını Feriha Koydum. This serial is also known as the Heart twisting Turkish Drama. Well, The serial is full of twist, twist and twist from it are starting to the end.

The Twisting drama tells us about the dreams and desires of a young girl – Feriha. Ummm, the name of the girl is Adını Feriha KoydumThis serial is one of the best in Farsi1hd series. I’ll add a video here with its download link so that you won’t get any problem whie watching or downloading. This post is gonna be super exciting. Just read and watch.



Feriha is a  Beautiful Young Girl who lives in a luxury neighborhood but belongs to a low-income family. Yea, She belongs to a low-income family, It’s harsh. After working so hard in the study to get admission in a reputed college. Her hard work pays off, She got accepted into a private university with a scholarship and immediately, she got attention in all to college with most of the intelligent students. She pretends herself to be a Rich Girl but how long it goes? How long she hides the truth?

I am sure you are excited to know more about this Farsi1hq serial. Well, I am going to provide the online downloading link and the online streaming link of Farsi1Hd Tv series.

Note that we will be providing some top videos here also. I’m pretty much sure that you’ll like those videos.

farsi1hd serials

First, we will be providing the Online streaming link of Farsi1 Web series. So get the first online link from below.

Wait Wait…

The most interesting part of this is we are providing all the Parts. Isn’t it interesting? You will be able to watch all the parts from start to end.

So I’ve written a short story of  Top 3 about Farsi1hd Tv series above.

Now, I am going to provide the online streaming link of all Tv series. Note that, We will update each series as soon as the episodes move forward.

So the first story is about the great serial Farsi1hd Guzel. Get the streaming link of Guzel from our post…
Yea, As we are doing categories of each serial so for that, We do need different pages so from there you will get.

  Click Here to Watch Farsi1Hd Guzel 



I hope, you have got the link of the serial Guzel. If not yet, then Simply You are making a little mistake.

You have to click on above serial name…

And on the other page, You’ll get all the links to download & watch it live.

Now, It’s time for the link of Second exciting Farsi1 Tv series, and that is Cesur ve Guzel. 

As I mentioned the steps above on how to get the link to watch/download, Use that method here too.

Click Here to Watch Cesur ve Guzel

Now, we are done with the two most exciting Farsi1Hq tv series.

Right now, It’s time for the third and ( you can say most interesting) Persian Tv Series, and that one is Feriha – Adını Feriha Koydum. 

I have ended this story in a little detail, but I recommend you to don’t forget about this. Watch this, and I am sure, You will learn something new from this web series.

I have watched some parts but… due to lack of time, I

Due to time constraints, I stopped in the middle.


I have downloaded it’s all parts, and I will watch it as soon as possible.

So, Get the Streaming/Downloading link of that Serial from below:

best farsi1hq serials

Click Here To Watch Farsi1hd Feriha – Adını Feriha Koydum

So above are the top 3 serials of Farsi1Hd and I am sure, You will fall in love after watching a few parts.

Now, It’s time to end this article here. We have provided the download links, streaming links as we said.


Please note that If you want any Farsi1hd tv series, any…

Then please comment below. We’ll provide it for sure.

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Meet you in our next Farsi1hd series. Till, TA-DA.

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